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#69 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: .....
Whiteboy: *What?*
DCoder -: exactly
Whiteboy: It's like you just said: "I am about to bend the fabric of the Universe by dressing up as a woman while reversing geometry"

#350 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ]

<DCoder> thats what they say about hentai games, bob, ITS ALL ABOUT THE STORY
<BobingAbout> depends what type of pervert is reading it
<BobingAbout> or playing it
<BobingAbout> or just jacking while looking at the porn
<MagicMan> guilty
<MagicMan> oh wait
<DCoder> lol
<MagicMan> SHIT
<BobingAbout> ROFL

#449 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: Sirmods]

Ṧįғ Ḿởđşǻłǿŧ says:
Shit, I think you just found a way to give him a 5-finger prostate exam over IP

DCoder says:
that's one visual I didn't want to have

Comment: http://www.deezire.net/forums/deezire-projects-discussion/8854-private-use-mods-no-uploading-internet.html#post99131

#74 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: Particle]

Whiteboy says: well I can relate to it... I'm in New Zealand
Whiteboy says: Coming from the UK, it's like travelling back in time
Particle says: lol
Whiteboy says: yet there's a weird mix here
Whiteboy says: on one hand it's the 60's
Whiteboy says: on the other hand it's pretty high-tech
Particle says: at least you have lesbians
Whiteboy says: it's not my kinda place though
Whiteboy says: yeah
Whiteboy says: WE DO!
Whiteboy says: you just reminded me of why i like it here

Comment: Comparison of MY home town to WB's...

#608 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: Graion Dilach]

<SteelMirage> Its not like the requisite "How To" pages don't exist... Why must n00bs exist?

#128 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: you scar eme
Whiteboy: *scare
DCoder -: good
DCoder -: maybe Ill make you crap your pants
Whiteboy: too late
DCoder -: if youre wearing any, that is
Whiteboy: today of all days, I am indeed wearing pants.
Whiteboy: ya caught me on a rare day

Comment: Whiteboy's clothing style is ... odd.

#88 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

Renegade: 2 1/2 for files
1 for dl
1 1/2 for downloads
Renegade: this simple question divides people
ComradeJ: It's not as it really matters that much. I mean, you spend lots of time on a site called "DeeZire.net". Sounds like a pr0n site name to me

Comment: On naming the RenProj download subdomain

#374 (Image) [ Down (14) Up ] [Submitter: Fenring]

<Von Kriplespac> Hmm
<Von Kriplespac> You may have to set the humper to Slave but um
<Von Kriplespac> ...
<Von Kriplespac> Jumper
<Von Kriplespac> not humber
<Von Kriplespac> ..
<Von Kriplespac> FUCK

Comment: MSN; the gutter; Von's mind; etc.

#264 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ] [Submitter: Nyerguds]


#149 (Image) [ Down (9) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

[17:15:35]Renegade : *sigh*...this arguing with Christians is pretty exhausting
[17:24:52]Renegade : it works, and it works better than anything similar before
[17:25:20]Renegade : you're a god, and unlike other gods I talked about this hour, you actually exist ;)

Comment: 2004 Nov 12, discussing AI E V2 beta

#373 (Image) [ Down (8) Up ] [Submitter: pd]

DCoder -: that is way over my head :P

Comment: OK, who can say he made DCoder say that? =D

#591 (Image) [ Down (13) Up ] [Submitter: Orac]

"Quote: 'Or in my opinion,GET MORE CODERS!?'

Of course, why didn't I think of that.
* DCoder pulls five additional coders out of his magic hat."

"I knew it. You do have a magic hat."

Comment: http://forums.renegadeprojects.com/showthread.php?tid=1670&

#259 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ] [Submitter: modder666]

<DCoder> print '&#' . ord . ';' for split //, $foo;
<DCoder> perl (prints a html-entity-fied version of the $foo string)
<DCoder> scarily terse
<DCoder> and so many english words
<Judeau> hehe
<Judeau> what is foo ?
<DCoder> $foo holds a certain string, lets say "a<b" and this turns it into &#65;&#60;&#66; which is html escaped a<b
<DCoder> actually, more scary than perl is the fact that I typed down those charcodes from memory
<DCoder> god I need help
<Judeau> yes
<Judeau> yes you do

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj //DC says: actually, those codes are "A<B", not "a<b", but still, ergh

#422 (Image) [ Down (13) Up ] [Submitter: Fenring]

<Carno_Away> Fen, on /420/'s lit , I found a counter-terrorism field manual. XD
<Carno_Away> and yes I downloaded that shit
<FBI> We know.
<Carno_Away> Hi Gman
<Carno_Away> ASL
<FBI> 13/f/florida
<Carno_Away> too old
<Carno_Away> gtfo

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - the FBI...

#118 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Jason: oops
Jason: i did't know /nudge dcoder would nudge you, lol

Comment: Common sense isn't that common, it seems...

#601 (Image) [ Down (16) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade15> there is an inconsistency between VectorClass and DynamicVectorClass in FindItemIndex(T *tItem)
<Renegade15> if the vector is not initialized, one returns 0, the other returns -1
<DCoder1337> heh
<DCoder1337> nice find
<Renegade15> I didn't want to change it on my own 'cause I didn't know whether that was on purpose, or if anything relies on that
<DCoder1337> I have no idea how anything can be relying on a bug
<DCoder1337> ... in our code
<Renegade15> ...we're t--- I was just gonna say
<DCoder1337> in westwood's code, every bug relies on another bug which relies on two more
<Renegade15> it's an exiting new programming paradigm called The Bug Tree Architecture
<Renegade15> it's based on game theory and the idea that, given enough bugs, all bugs together will form an equilibrium and ensure the correct running of the code

Comment: programming is hard, let's go bowling

#375 (Image) [ Down (9) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<HAMmy> ok im quitting my school job
<Renegade15> are you selling drugs to school kids, ham?
<HAMmy> lol
<BrandiLynn> what will the kids do without their lunch lady Hammy?
<HAMmy> HEY!
* HAMmy is NOT a lunch lady!
<Cloud_ax> [00:53] <HAMmy> umm no
<Cloud_ax> [00:53] * Cloud_ax hires hammy
<Cloud_ax> :O
<Renegade15> so you are a drug dealer?
<HAMmy> yessss
<HAMmy> NO

#516 (Image) [ Down (8) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]


Comment: bummer, eh

#65 (Image) [ Down (16) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

DCoder -: yeah, if you ever move to Lithuania, and choose my ISP, you will then be able to access my webserver with that password... and my pron drive too...
Whiteboy: Excellent. But sorry, I'm not into naked male mud-wrestling :P
DCoder -: o_O
Whiteboy: Au contraire, I say to you: o_O
Whiteboy: ...but I'd be in for the transmission stick sex vid

Comment: Don't ask. Just don't ask. -- DCoder

#98 (Image) [ Down (13) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Jason : yesterday I was coding a modular login system, and im like "screw this, this will take forever." and deleted 2000+ lines of code lmao
DCoder: lol
Jason : I guess i need some patience :P
Jason : Can I download patience?
Jason : because that would own

Comment: Jason == QuantumHybrid from C-GEN.

#119 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ] [Submitter: Jason]

Whiteboy: OKAY
Whiteboy: Whiteboy used SLAP on Rob!
DCoder: weee, a bitchfight
Whiteboy: 100 damage!
DCoder: *gets popcorn*
Truefeel: eh, whiteboy, dont mess up with my neighbourland, would ya ?
Rob: rob used blaze attack
Jason: lol
Whiteboy: Whiteboy counterattacks TRUEFEEL with SCARATCH!
Trufeel: whatte, this is not DBZ, you know
Whiteboy: nah, pokemno
Rob: ROB pulls out his joint and smokes the room
Whiteboy: Whiteboy puts on gas mask
Whiteboy: Whiteboy is charging his SPECIAL MOVE
Whiteboy: Whiteboy farts on TRUEFEEL. TRUEFEEL fainted

Comment: After Whiteboy commented on the Dutch

#394 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<TheTraveler> call me an ass
<TheTraveler> call me a prick
<TheTraveler> but dont call me TJ marsh

#597 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<Renegade15> oy
<Renegade15> I was scrolling over debug output
<Renegade15> had the words "Königsbrunn" and "Bundesliga" below each other, offset
<Renegade15> and through the scrolling, they blurred together, and my brain parsed [nig][ga]
<Renegade15> it was like scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll wait, what??
<AlexB__> probably a racist condition somewhere :p

#414 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ]

<silentdre> "the official petition for colored profiles on facebook"
<silentdre> facebook is segregated?

#565 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: Orac]

Romanian Guy:
Why are you so againt spotlighting voxels? Ooo now I remember, long time ago you released a black vehicle voxel, you keep said "Spotligth this now" but no one did becuse it was crap. Somehow that situation hurted your feelings and now are you agaist it
[:D repeated dozens of times]

i pick your left eye out you head and search for someone who has aids to pee in your eyehole...

Comment: Oh God, have mercy. -- http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=348674#348674

#145 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade> I'd say "Welcome to hell", but TibEd-users are a few circles further inside...

Comment: Upon meeting a happy and naive TibEd user in the forums

#95 (Image) [ Down (18) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

FK47: thats what they call the dominatrix, blackjack
FK47: hes black you see
FK47: the king of gay love
FK47: sorry im an idot
FK47: idot.
FK47: excellent.

Comment: Discussing how the educational system is like a pile of gay love, with blackjack.

#610 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<DCoder1337> apparently the C++ STL documentation explicitly advises against doing what Westwood did
<DCoder1337> "When it is necessary to increase capacity(), vector usually increases it by a factor of two. It is crucial that the amount of growth is proportional to the current capacity(), rather than a fixed constant: in the former case inserting a series of elements into a vector is a linear time operation, and in the latter case it is quadratic."
<AlexB__> so the question is: did westwood know 10 is a constant?

/** context: Westwood's vectors always increase their capacity by 10 **/

Comment: irc.freenode.net#renproj - #define true false

#45 (Image) [ Down (31) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy [wrmodder]]

wthigon : i'm anti-assault maps
wrmodder: we can go against each other?
wthigon : ok
wrmodder: anti-assault?
wrmodder: :/
wrmodder: :
wthigon : :]
wrmodder: i used to be anti-TX
wrmodder: then i changed
wrmodder: you can change too :)
wthigon : i used to be anti-lesbian
wrmodder: :D
wrmodder: XD
wthigon : that quickly changed
wrmodder: LOL
wrmodder: this should be quoted
wthigon : @%#!
wthigon : no

Comment: In a YR game lobby...

#124 (Image) [ Down (17) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: um, lets say variable q is stored in the memory at 0x012345, then a pointer to variable q will contain 0x012345
MadIvan : does that mean that if q changes, so will the pointer to it change?
DCoder -: it stores the q's location, not the value
Renegade: woah, so much talk at this time of the day?!
MadIvan : 6:31AM here :P
DCoder -: same here
MadIvan : so what the purpose of the pointer then?I mean, why not have a second variable?
Renegade: I just watched Femme Fatale
Renegade: and could predict all important plot points
Renegade: so, while it was entertaining, it was boring at the same time
Renegade: then again, it had Rebecca Romijn lesbian sex, so who am I to complain?
DCoder -: if you have a function that takes a big struct as a parameter, what is more compact, sending it 4 bytes (an address of struct) or the entire struct?
MadIvan : 4 bytes
MadIvan : ah, i kind of get it now :P
DCoder -: :)
DCoder -: also, when you send the entire struct as a param, a *copy* of the struct is made, thus the original copy does not get changed
DCoder -: kinda bad when you want your function to change something in it
Renegade: you know, when I tell you about Rebecca Romijn having lesbian sex, and you continue to talk about c++/asm memory pointers as if nothing happened, I'd take that as a sign for a serious sexual disorder

#548 (Image) [ Down (8) Up ] [Submitter: Electro]

<Electro> Wir sind allein.
<Renegade> Creepy, dude
* Renegade puts on a chastity belt

Comment: irc.burnirc.net #RenProj - after dark

#576 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<DCoder> I have encountered people worse than noobs
<DCoder> they are the people who actually upload episodes of Teletubbies to my favourite tracker

#540 (Image) [ Down (13) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

*** Joins: Bob (52c9f42c@burn-680F0A3C.mibbit.com)
<DCoder> hi
<Renegade> heh
<Bob> hi,
<Renegade> hello there
<Bob> can i ask about something in red alert 2?
<DCoder> sure
<Bob> when i try to press on internet"to play it online"
<Bob> it tells me:
<Bob> the westood online support library is either missing or invalid please reinstall the shared internet components from you cd
<DCoder> have you tried doing that?
<Bob> nope
<Renegade> doing what the error suggests to resolve it might resolve the error.

Comment: irc.burnirc.net#renproj - we don't need no education

#380 (Image) [ Down (20) Up ] [Submitter: gordon-creAtive]

I like IE7. Mainly I use IE8 (a beta test only). Firefu*ks rules too!

But for me, the best is IE7. It helps my computer ward off virus or malwares, lagwares, spywares, spamwares and whatever wares etc.

PS. Mozilla and Netscape sucks.

Comment: Darknessvolt in a "Browsers" thread ( http://forums.revora.net/index.php?showtopic=52888&pid=582441&st=20&#entry582441)

#24 (Image) [ Down (9) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder: ooooh, "Mastering Regular Expressions.pdf", 6 MB, 768 pages... sweet
Renegade: 768 pages...pretty much explains why regexp are not used by most end users

#355 (Image) [ Down (10) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade> We built a new bazooka this year
<Renegade> the amount of explosives is irrelevant...it's what you do with them ;)
<Renegade> and with that, I go /away to shower
* Renegade changes nick to Renegade|away
<Anonymous> wow...
<DC|away> dirty thoughts about explosives? kinky
<Renegade|away> how and when I explode over what is none of your business ;)
<DC|away> I rest my case
<Anonymous> what the FUCK!

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - Anon is Fen

#151 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Renegade: how many grown men do you know you'd expect a file called "weee.png" from?
DCoder -: lol
DCoder -: zero?
Renegade: Well, then you better don't accept files from Whitey
<time flies (when you're kicking ass)...>
Renegade: who the fuck uploaded a *.bmp avatar?
Renegade: who is uid 91?
DCoder -: weee.png
Renegade: I should have known
Renegade: damn you
Renegade: that file name triggered a state of loling that still hasn't stopped

Comment: 2006 Apr 15, MSN

#34 (Image) [ Down (6) Up ] [Submitter: AlliedGeneral]

JT/AG/BX says: Prerelease style is overused
Speeder - Peace through power! says: Standard YR style is also overused, you know

#599 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<DCoder> Im typing up a quick reference for how to read these source code snippets
<DCoder> I was trying to write "commonly used idioms", what I typed was "commonly used idiots"

Comment: Browsing old logs

#587 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<AlexB> he's like the kid from Sixth Sense: "I see non-printable characters!"

#470 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: MT]

[Christmas Thread]


@ Lt. Albrecht. Jesus was real. Do not doubt that. But he was no god. He was an innovator and a Jewish revolutionairy.

Yay for Christmas. Presents.


Quote:"Jewish revolutionary"

im not jewish and i am not aware that i have a jewish counterpart

Comment: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21268

#304 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: ShaRose]

<ChielScape> omg, why haz i saevd naruto pr0n...

Comment: that is worth three wtf's there.

#339 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<DonutArnold> :D
*** Joins: DonutArnold_ (~chatzilla@gamer-9954A400.dhcp.inet.fi)
<DonutArnold_> heh
<DonutArnold_> !kick DonutArnold
<DCoder> lol
<DonutArnold_> !kick DonutArnold
<Von> :o
<DonutArnold_> !kick DonutArnold
<DCoder> !kick DonutArnold
*** Diablo kicks DonutArnold from #RenProj (Requested)
<DonutArnold_> !kick DonutArnold
<DonutArnold_> !kick DonutArnold
<Von> LOL
<DonutArnold_> !kick DonutArnold
*** Diablo kicks DonutArnold_ from #RenProj (H?r auf dich dauernd zu wiederholen!)

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - Thou shalt not command Diablo unless thou are root

#17 (Image) [ Down (28) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: re: My computer in start menu:
Desktop Properties, Desktop, Customize... check check uncheck uncheck, voila
Renegade: sounds like a bad rap
Renegade: check check
uncheck uncheck
Renegade: yo yo
Renegade: XP rap, yo
Renegade: B to the S to the O to the D
crashing down your system
taking linux with me

#324 (Image) [ Down (6) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade> "you can touch my woman, but you can't touch my nick"
* ChielScape touches Renegades chick
<ChielScape> he probably doesnt have one anyway
<Renegade> would you please stop touching my hand? ...it's weird.

Comment: trimmed for humor - Ren

#47 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

DCoder -: ARGH n00bs
<quotes a very n00bish PM he just received>

... time passes ...

DCoder -: now I wonder what should I reply to that n00b
Whiteboy: stfu n00b
DCoder -: I could just tell him "yeah, my msn is {insert Whiteboy's email address here} " and watch the fireworks.
or I could tell him "sure I do, its stfu@you.n00b".
or "wtf, ever seen the 'Profile' link under a post?".
or just play dead...
Whiteboy: ROFL

#135 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Whiteboy> 2 Login to your site as the Super Administrator and click Upgrade via admin.
<Whiteboy> hmm....
<Whiteboy> I suppose I should login to my site as suepr administrator and click upgrade via admin.
<Whiteboy> *can't find upgrade via admin button*
<Whiteboy> *wets self*
<Renegade> [Whiteboy]
<Renegade> Armor=Pampers

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj

#585 (Image) [ Down (15) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<AlexB> sorry, i'm a little distracted by getting information out of an offline-ebook
<Renegade> "reading"?

Comment: irc.burnirc.net#renproj - hi-tech

#604 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<SteelMirage> And this is God. The ultimate SW.

#136 (Image) [ Down (25) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<DCoder> on some lyrics sites, the "related lyrics" could use some improvement...
<Renegade> "Girls just wanna have fun" listed next to Nirvana's "Rape me"?

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj

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