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#212 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: Droke]

Ã?roke - Death by multimeter! says:
"Female with strain relief"
"Use with mating power jacks "
wthigon says:
thats like tech porn

Comment: Nothing is clean content nowdays...

#211 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade> I'm not actually surprised he fucked it all up.
<Renegade> That's what happens when people have no idea what they're doing.
<Renegade> (Coincidently, that's also the reason we have Microsoft Windows and religions.)

Comment: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=146913#146913

#196 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ] [Submitter: Beowulf]

Comment: I got you good, DCoder.

#157 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Kiith-Sa> bye
<DCoder> bye
<Renegade> bye
<BobingAbout> bye
<Renegade> what was that on bash? "We sound like a boy band"?
*** Kiith-Sa quit (Quit: )
<DCoder> you memorised the entire bash or something?
<Renegade> <_< >_>
<Renegade> this discussion is over

Comment: 2006 07 09, irc.gamernet.org#renproj

#153 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ] [Submitter: Bobingabout]

<DCoder> I need a new phone, with a camera ... too many capture-worthy sights everyday
<Renegade> breasteses?
<DCoder> including, but not limited to

Comment: Phones, the all in 1 gadget!

#152 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<Renegade> sure. but I found no version of the Arcade
<Whiteboy> well forge a new Arcade with your powers of darkness.
<Whiteboy> So I may once again dominate :D
<Renegade> I'm just the Dark Emperor. D is the Dark Magican
<DCoder> Yes, I *am* a magic can
<DCoder> thanks for asking
<Renegade> sure, wait a second
<Renegade> ^---- http://www.dazzlingdolls.com/barbie/legends/tinman_96.jpg
<DCoder> ... burn

#151 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Renegade: how many grown men do you know you'd expect a file called "weee.png" from?
DCoder -: lol
DCoder -: zero?
Renegade: Well, then you better don't accept files from Whitey
<time flies (when you're kicking ass)...>
Renegade: who the fuck uploaded a *.bmp avatar?
Renegade: who is uid 91?
DCoder -: weee.png
Renegade: I should have known
Renegade: damn you
Renegade: that file name triggered a state of loling that still hasn't stopped

Comment: 2006 Apr 15, MSN

#150 (Image) [ Down (-24) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

Whiteboy: Ren to police: "I'd like a gun licence please. Reason for application: t3h funs!"

Comment: I'm now allowed to legally buy guns.

#149 (Image) [ Down (9) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

[17:15:35]Renegade : *sigh*...this arguing with Christians is pretty exhausting
[17:24:52]Renegade : it works, and it works better than anything similar before
[17:25:20]Renegade : you're a god, and unlike other gods I talked about this hour, you actually exist ;)

Comment: 2004 Nov 12, discussing AI E V2 beta

#148 (Image) [ Down (-5) Up ] [Submitter: Jason]

Jason: looks like everyone but IE gets transparency
DCoder: oh yeah
DCoder: and IE gets salty chocolate balls

#147 (Image) [ Down (-4) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<BobingAbout|yoyo> i bought it
<BobingAbout|yoyo> do you know how much it cost?
<DCoder> no?
<BobingAbout|yoyo> neither do i, i forgot

Comment: A Brilliant Mind III

#146 (Image) [ Down (6) Up ] [Submitter: IcySon55]

gog: CAn someone send me some sweet units to add to my maps i cant be botherd making them myself :)

Renegade: CAn someone send me some money to add to my bank account i cant be botherd earning it myself :)

Comment: PWNED

#145 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade> I'd say "Welcome to hell", but TibEd-users are a few circles further inside...

Comment: Upon meeting a happy and naive TibEd user in the forums

#144 (Image) [ Down (13) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

* DCoder is listening to 0. foobar2000 playing Enigma - Water (Creativity) {#02 - Erotic Dreams}
<Renegade> should clear the album ID3, next time
<DCoder> nah
<Renegade> okay...sweet dreams tonight ;)
<DCoder> rofl
<DCoder> you havent listened to Enigma, have you
<Renegade> Only the Matrix Theme techno remix
<DCoder> then you know their focus is instrumentals, not lyrics :p
<Renegade> Had I sex, I'd focus on instruments rather than vocals, too

Comment: Yet another smart-aleck comment from your favourite Red Blinking Head

#143 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade> Damn people, get a grip
<Renegade> She doesn't have diplomatic immunity just because she's got tits

Comment: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=141418#141418

#142 (Image) [ Down (10) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: i have realsie something
Whiteboy: and it is dick-related
Whiteboy: i have not spanked the monkey
Whiteboy: for about 4 days :-O
Whiteboy: maybe more
Whiteboy: i think i've been too tired
Whiteboy: or just not bothered to
Whiteboy: this is a sign......
Whiteboy: ...a sign that perhaps i have...outgrown b00borz?
Whiteboy: outgrown horniness?
Whiteboy: outgrown women?
Whiteboy: outgrown pron?
DCoder -: no, its a sign that you have rsi, remember?
Whiteboy: or that

Comment: See #73

#141 (Image) [ Down (-10) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder - : spambots found our qdb
Whiteboy: :-O
Whiteboy: DESTROY
Whiteboy: how annoying
Whiteboy: maybe you should approve them, on the basis that they are female

Comment: The bots were indeed using female names (Heather, Marla and Abby) to post their crap

#137 (Image) [ Down (0) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Jason> I'm bored
<Jason> I'm waiting for apache to finish compiling, should be done in a minute, and I'v impatient
<Jason> if I had the money, I would buy a 20 processor PC with 30GB ram just so I wouldn't have to wait as long for stuff to happen

Comment: Impatience at its best ?

#136 (Image) [ Down (25) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<DCoder> on some lyrics sites, the "related lyrics" could use some improvement...
<Renegade> "Girls just wanna have fun" listed next to Nirvana's "Rape me"?

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj

#135 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Whiteboy> 2 Login to your site as the Super Administrator and click Upgrade via admin.
<Whiteboy> hmm....
<Whiteboy> I suppose I should login to my site as suepr administrator and click upgrade via admin.
<Whiteboy> *can't find upgrade via admin button*
<Whiteboy> *wets self*
<Renegade> [Whiteboy]
<Renegade> Armor=Pampers

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj

#134 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

ihateharriers: the school told me that no matter what, rape is never fun, even if it is in the ears.

Comment: http://forums.revora.net/index.php?s=&showtopic=38471&view=findpost&p=348503

#133 (Image) [ Down (12) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<Renegade> the prophecy! it is here!
*** DCoder quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <-)
<Renegade> hmm
<Renegade> prophecy didn't see that one coming

Comment: Referring to http://forums.renegadeprojects.com/showthread.php?tid=397

#132 (Image) [ Down (-2) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

<DCoder> you know you're a fucking nerd when you design a sql database to organise your porn
<DCoder> >_>
<DCoder> <_<
<DCoder> and no, you may not quote that
<DCoder> but then again, perhaps you know youre a nerd when your porn collection's size exceeds single-digit GB
<Whiteboy> heh, I store porn in foreign servers across the globe over 5 different continents :P
<Whiteboy> and yes, that was a blatant lie >_>
<DCoder> lol

Comment: Once upon a time in yet another DC <-> WB conversation...

#131 (Image) [ Down (-13) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: IRC, will ya
Whiteboy: it';s COMING
DCoder -: even fuckin trillian has irc capabilities
Whiteboy: like a girl going down on me, while masturbating.
DCoder -: thats not technically possible, but lol
Whiteboy: ...die :P
Whiteboy: well, MY girl has twin vaginii.

Comment: A Brilliant Mind II

#130 (Image) [ Down (-5) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

*** Renegade quit (Quit: 1 lamb. 2 lambs. 3 lambs. 4 lambs. 1 wolf....)

Comment: Counting sheep helps you get to sleep, they say.

#129 (Image) [ Down (-19) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade> anyway, Raven Shield now. Can't let the terrorists win.
<DCoder> k, have fun
*** Renegade changed nick to Renegade|nick
<Renegade|nick> yeah, that was smart
<Renegade|nick> that's what I get for readin' D when typing...
*** Renegade|nick changed nick to Renegade|away

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj

#128 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: you scar eme
Whiteboy: *scare
DCoder -: good
DCoder -: maybe Ill make you crap your pants
Whiteboy: too late
DCoder -: if youre wearing any, that is
Whiteboy: today of all days, I am indeed wearing pants.
Whiteboy: ya caught me on a rare day

Comment: Whiteboy's clothing style is ... odd.

#127 (Image) [ Down (-7) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Jason : you know what sucks
Jason : I'm playing pacman on my cellphone tring to beat high score, almost had it.. and I got a phone call.

Comment: Cellphones should be cellphones and not gaming consoles with integrated cellphones...

#126 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

DoctorPhileasFragg: Do I know you well enough to poke you for no reason at all?
Renegade: Are you aware of the fact that I possess a Hammer of Admin?
DoctorPhileasFragg: yes, and that is the very reason I asked before proceeding

Comment: #RenProj on irc.gamernet.org

#125 (Image) [ Down (-20) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade> I see it as a sport
<Renegade> like hunting, only with dumber victims

Comment: About flaming n00bs

#124 (Image) [ Down (18) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: um, lets say variable q is stored in the memory at 0x012345, then a pointer to variable q will contain 0x012345
MadIvan : does that mean that if q changes, so will the pointer to it change?
DCoder -: it stores the q's location, not the value
Renegade: woah, so much talk at this time of the day?!
MadIvan : 6:31AM here :P
DCoder -: same here
MadIvan : so what the purpose of the pointer then?I mean, why not have a second variable?
Renegade: I just watched Femme Fatale
Renegade: and could predict all important plot points
Renegade: so, while it was entertaining, it was boring at the same time
Renegade: then again, it had Rebecca Romijn lesbian sex, so who am I to complain?
DCoder -: if you have a function that takes a big struct as a parameter, what is more compact, sending it 4 bytes (an address of struct) or the entire struct?
MadIvan : 4 bytes
MadIvan : ah, i kind of get it now :P
DCoder -: :)
DCoder -: also, when you send the entire struct as a param, a *copy* of the struct is made, thus the original copy does not get changed
DCoder -: kinda bad when you want your function to change something in it
Renegade: you know, when I tell you about Rebecca Romijn having lesbian sex, and you continue to talk about c++/asm memory pointers as if nothing happened, I'd take that as a sign for a serious sexual disorder

#122 (Image) [ Down (-11) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: what's the plural of dildo, then?
Whiteboy: dildii
Whiteboy: :P
DCoder -: rofl
DCoder -: that answer came waaay too fast
Whiteboy: hehe
Whiteboy: I am well acquainted with such toys.

Comment: That's Whiteboy for ya: one second the topic is LEGO, the next..

#121 (Image) [ Down (18) Up ] [Submitter: pd]

"Ok, so i went out and bought 3D studio max. I was wondering what can you actually use it for."
- Tom2003uk

#120 (Image) [ Down (-10) Up ] [Submitter: Droke]

harv: does any one know of a got website making service thats free im out of room on gay freewebs for my mod
Droke: Get some worthwhile work and a modding network might accept you (like Revora, PPM, SW)
harv: how do i get them to accept me, email or what?
Slye_Fox: Well, you switch on your brain and go to the websites to find out.
harv: tried that, don't work :(

Comment: From http://www.sleipnirstuff.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=13757

#119 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ] [Submitter: Jason]

Whiteboy: OKAY
Whiteboy: Whiteboy used SLAP on Rob!
DCoder: weee, a bitchfight
Whiteboy: 100 damage!
DCoder: *gets popcorn*
Truefeel: eh, whiteboy, dont mess up with my neighbourland, would ya ?
Rob: rob used blaze attack
Jason: lol
Whiteboy: Whiteboy counterattacks TRUEFEEL with SCARATCH!
Trufeel: whatte, this is not DBZ, you know
Whiteboy: nah, pokemno
Rob: ROB pulls out his joint and smokes the room
Whiteboy: Whiteboy puts on gas mask
Whiteboy: Whiteboy is charging his SPECIAL MOVE
Whiteboy: Whiteboy farts on TRUEFEEL. TRUEFEEL fainted

Comment: After Whiteboy commented on the Dutch

#118 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Jason: oops
Jason: i did't know /nudge dcoder would nudge you, lol

Comment: Common sense isn't that common, it seems...

#117 (Image) [ Down (0) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

The Phiend: Blink if you think the sink will link the drink to zinc. :goof:
Cylor: You just rattled off all my character save names from the first three Zelda games. :P

#116 (Image) [ Down (-3) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

DCoder -: "To access our wireless hi-speed Internet, please insert the provided usb key into an USB port in your computer. After doing that, attach the provided device to your genital area. Once you start to feel the device's static field frying your pubic hair, the connection has been established.
If connection quality is dissatisfying, please insert the device deeper into your genital spaces. If you feel a sensation, enjoy it while you can, it will soon turn to pain."
DCoder -: And all I have to do is click a button and type in a person's IP. Fzzzt, 20kV in the testicles = no more moron.
DCoder -: or, should the electricity idea fail, I could place a miniature explosive in the device...
DCoder - :That could mark a new meaning for "explosive orgasm" -_-
Whiteboy: >_>
Whiteboy: i laughed, but it felt evil.

Comment: DCoder trying to take over the internet. Well, no surprises there :P

#115 (Image) [ Down (-16) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: >_>
Whiteboy: i laughed, but it felt evil.
Whiteboy: still, quoted
Whiteboy: erm, i can't be bothered to quote it. you do it :P

Comment: Stay tuned, Whiteboy will quote the real thing soon enough. I think.

#114 (Image) [ Down (-8) Up ] [Submitter: Droke]

Droke: Hmmm
Droke: If you are what you eat, then are you eating yourself?

#113 (Image) [ Down (19) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade> the average air temperature outside this building does not meet my personal preferences
<Renegade> iow: It's too fucking warm for my taste
<DCoder> ironically, theres a nice cool drizzle outside my window
<Renegade> you got chicks, you got weather, you got skillz, you got a place in uni...I think I need you life
<DCoder> :p
<Renegade> If a dark-clothed nerd with a BFG follows you anytime soon...don't think about it

#112 (Image) [ Down (8) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<DCoder> DCoder: fuck this, get some sleep before coding
<DCoder> Jason : how
<Renegade> As a person 90% awake at 7:26 AM with no sleep, I don't quite see how that is funny
<DCoder> "get some sleep" "how"
<DCoder> btw, you really should go to sleep already
<Renegade> I'm sitting here and I don't know if I'll be able to fall asleep if I go to bed..."how" is a damn good question!

Comment: 08:27 in my time, 07:27 in Ren's time, and he hasn't slept yet...

#111 (Image) [ Down (-3) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

DCoder: re your table: I see you have three borders on every single cell, why is that?
Renegade: huh?
Renegade: the hell are you talking about?
Renegade: ooooh, you're digging in my code again
DCoder: Help:Editing, table in ==Images==
DCoder: |style="border-bottom: 1px solid #aaaaaa;border-right: 1px solid #aaaaaa;"|<nowiki>[[Image:Image.ext]]</nowiki>
DCoder: |style="border-bottom: 1px solid #aaaaaa;border-left: 1px solid #aaaaaa;"|includes an image into the page
DCoder: |-
DCoder: |style="border-bottom: 1px solid #aaaaaa;border-right: 1px solid #aaaaaa;border-top: 1px solid #aaaaaa;"|<nowiki>[[Media:File.ext]]</nowiki>
DCoder: wtf is that styling for?
Renegade: simple: copy-pastable
DCoder: ...
Renegade: the outter border is dashed, so you can't just define the cell solid
Renegade: by leaving out the top border, you can copy-paste the cell over and over, because, if it's at the top, no harm is done, and if it isn't, the bottom of the above cell closes it
DCoder: lets just agree not to peek at each other's code anymore...

Comment: #RenProj on irc.gamernet.org

#110 (Image) [ Down (-2) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

[19:30] <*Renegade> an ETA of four mins for bob
[19:34] BobingAbout joins

Comment: Ren's psychic? Or is this just a deja vu? You be the judge...

#106 (Image) [ Down (-15) Up ] [Submitter: Jason]

Jason says: I need to build it its own building
Jason says: with utmost securty
Jason says: underground
Jason says: nuke and missile proof
Jason says: etc
DCoder says: $ mv Jason /dev/asylum && chmod Jason 000
Jason says: you think thats going overboard?

Comment: Talking about my server's security

#105 (Image) [ Down (-7) Up ] [Submitter: Jason]

Jason says: I want to add options!
Jason says: I'm even going to add a slang lang file
DCoder says: lmao
Jason says: like for "Welcome to Omicron Fusion" it will show "Yo, Yo, Yo, Youz at Ma SITE!"
DCoder: +1 gangsta , -100 professional

Comment: Talking about a php script of mine.

#104 (Image) [ Down (-15) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Jason : im on my 6th Vault (some kind of coke-citris drink that makes me hyper)
DCoder: hyper crazy monkey
Jason : like you? :P
DCoder: Im not hyper
Jason : lol
DCoder: Im phlegmatic
DCoder: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?r=2&q=phlegmatic
Jason : lol
Jason : oppisate
Jason : opposate
Jason : oppasite
Jason : blah
DCoder: hahahahaha

Comment: Jason's hyperactive :p

#103 (Image) [ Down (6) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: oh great... TibEd lovers in Lithuania, that's got to be the first time
Renegade: it also lowers you country's score significantly.
Renegade: Germany: Renegade, pd, Reaperrr, Matze
Renegade: Lithuania: DCoder, TibEd-lovers
DCoder -: oooh, now that's just mean
Renegade: look at it this way:
Renegade: if you wipe out the TibEd-crowd, 100% of your country's modding community is l33t.

Comment: I am unique, after all, not just another brick in the wall :D

#102 (Image) [ Down (-14) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: I can't recommend Red Dwarf enough
Whiteboy: neither do I...
Whiteboy: erm, wrong window.

Comment: Multiple personalities ? o_O

#101 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ]

Grothenolm: Make an SHP-voxel with bitmaps!

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