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#57 (Image) [ Down (-16) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: hmm, u r typng differently 2day
DCoder -: how so?
Whiteboy: i dunno
Whiteboy: just... longer paragraphs
Whiteboy: and kinda solemn
DCoder -: excuse me?
DCoder -: Solemn? IS that an implication that I might have been NOT solemn before?
Whiteboy: *looks up dictionary.com*
Whiteboy: right... looks like i just learned a new word
Whiteboy: sorry
Whiteboy: :P
DCoder -: rofl

#58 (Image) [ Down (0) Up ] [Submitter: Saberhawk]

Saberhawk: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
MrRuben5: rofl
Saberhawk: bla?
MrRuben5: blabla
Saberhawk: bla!
MrRuben5: blablabla!

Comment: We were having a bla'ing time. :P

#60 (Image) [ Down (10) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

Whiteboy: i don't want to let down this Tom guy - he thinks the creators of the various mods out there are celebrities.
DCoder -: lol
Whiteboy: When he knows the true nature of us, he'll be kinda disappointed. We're sad lonely bums.
Whiteboy: So I have to act like a celebrity - what should I do? Wear sunglasses?
DCoder -: lol
DCoder -: hang lots of bling on your horns, and communicate with the public through a sexy secretary
Whiteboy: that's... the best damn idea I've heard all year
DCoder -: hahahaha
...time passes..
Whiteboy: Hmmm, that sexy secretery could be AlliedG. I think he fits into roles like that...
DCoder: bwahahahaahaha

#62 (Image) [ Down (-5) Up ] [Submitter: Bobing About]

AlliedG : its cool design but far too white ...
AlliedG : its cool design but far too white ...
Bobing -: what the asian twins said.
Whiteboy: You just made me laugh for the first time in... well the first time today, bobing. Thanks
DCoder -: LMAO @ bobing

(Edit: For the record, AlliedG is Asian. That's not racist in any way.)

Comment: http://www.deezire.net/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=10951&start=110

#63 (Image) [ Down (17) Up ] [Submitter: Bobing About]

Topic: Naked Tanya SHP

Renegade: I *will* do it
PD: that sounds like a promise
BobingAbout: where does she keep her C4?
Renegade: better: a feature
Renegade: well, whole babies fit inside women
BobingAbout: nooo
Renegade: I'd love to see your face now
BobingAbout: :D
BobingAbout: so would i :|
Renegade: probably I'll leave her belt
Renegade: she needs her deagles
BobingAbout: belt is a good idea.

Comment: 25th March 2005

#64 (Image) [ Down (9) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Renegade: /me - Now Playing: Disturbed - Shout
DCoder -: Natalie Imbruglia - Unknown Album - Torn ( No Genre )
DCoder -: note to self, update the MP3 tags
<two minutes later>
DCoder -: Genesis - Follow You Follow Me
Renegade: That's _quite_ an updated ID3-tag

#65 (Image) [ Down (15) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

DCoder -: yeah, if you ever move to Lithuania, and choose my ISP, you will then be able to access my webserver with that password... and my pron drive too...
Whiteboy: Excellent. But sorry, I'm not into naked male mud-wrestling :P
DCoder -: o_O
Whiteboy: Au contraire, I say to you: o_O
Whiteboy: ...but I'd be in for the transmission stick sex vid

Comment: Don't ask. Just don't ask. -- DCoder

#66 (Image) [ Down (-12) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: Put it this way. To me, the Rock Patch is about as much as a "patch" as American-English is a "bugfix" to UK English.

#67 (Image) [ Down (-2) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

Renegade: Last night I had an epiphany...a revelation
DCoder -: uh oh
Renegade: I heard that

Comment: I find his lack of faith...disturbing.

#68 (Image) [ Down (14) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: hmm, i need the opinion of an intelligent being
DCoder -: ask away
Whiteboy: ... do you know of anyone who fits that description?
Whiteboy: :P

Comment: Touche...

#69 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: .....
Whiteboy: *What?*
DCoder -: exactly
Whiteboy: It's like you just said: "I am about to bend the fabric of the Universe by dressing up as a woman while reversing geometry"

#70 (Image) [ Down (45) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

THE ONE TO RULE: He [DCoder] called me an advanced noob!
THE ONE TO RULE: I regard that as a compliment.

#71 (Image) [ Down (8) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Nucl34r14: who, where, where's my shotgun?
Gaylord -: kill me quick!
Eaglemc -: BANG
*entith2290@hotmail.com has left the conversation.
pd: you hit the wrong guy

Comment: Gaylord == Whiteboy

#72 (Image) [ Down (-3) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

Now named: The Eagle says:
i done something you cant doooooo :P
Whiteboy ::: Mod progress: final game mode being implemented says:
Make a complete fool of yourself?
Whiteboy ::: Mod progress: final game mode being implemented says:
Now named: The Eagle says:
Now named: The Eagle says:
maybe, actually

Comment: The Eagle = eaglemc, if it wasn't already obvious.

#73 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: I gtg now and absorb my shame.
DCoder -: well then, see ya
Whiteboy: ..with PRON :D
DCoder -: lol
Whiteboy: see ya
DCoder -: well, good luck with that... though I fear your "RSI" will just worsen from that xD
Whiteboy: actually i think it was caused by... wait, no, of course it wasn't '>_>

#74 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: Particle]

Whiteboy says: well I can relate to it... I'm in New Zealand
Whiteboy says: Coming from the UK, it's like travelling back in time
Particle says: lol
Whiteboy says: yet there's a weird mix here
Whiteboy says: on one hand it's the 60's
Whiteboy says: on the other hand it's pretty high-tech
Particle says: at least you have lesbians
Whiteboy says: it's not my kinda place though
Whiteboy says: yeah
Whiteboy says: WE DO!
Whiteboy says: you just reminded me of why i like it here

Comment: Comparison of MY home town to WB's...

#75 (Image) [ Down (-9) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

Roman: but it's true my name is roman because i deliver so many love and i'm romantic and the symbol of love
Whiteboy: LOL

Comment: Discussing names...

#76 (Image) [ Down (17) Up ] [Submitter: Particle]

CannisRabidus: If such a hypothetical someone would have such a hypothetical interest in various hypothetical content of this forum, then hypothetically there's a reason to register. I'm speaking hypothetically of course.

#77 (Image) [ Down (8) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Minimi- : <silly question>
Renegade: <answer> P.P.S.: Is it just me or have the n00bs grown more stupid over the past year? Just yesterday I had some guy (B.v.G) ask about stealing the code from other mods at my forums, now this...
DCoder -: Uh, Ren, Minimi == B.v.G(RenProj) == Pojahn(Sleip's Stuff/Revora).
Renegade: Well that certainly explains a lot x-p
Minimi- : I am B.v.G and Pojahn, but not Uh and Ren

Comment: http://www.deezire.net/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=11392

#81 (Image) [ Down (-10) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: ...something is wrong with me
Whiteboy: I feel hyper
Whiteboy: i can type real fast
Whiteboy: Am I.. dying?
DCoder -: ...
Whiteboy: NO! I have to release teh mod first
Whiteboy: ..this started when i was lookng at pron
Whiteboy: maybe I broke my dick
Whiteboy: damn, I should know that too much playing with toys causes them to break

#82 (Image) [ Down (-4) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: And hot DVDs in the ass is not pleasant, I've tried that

Comment: Talking about Nero DVD+R recording...

#83 (Image) [ Down (-22) Up ] [Submitter: Fenring]

Minimi: DCoder, are u afrid or what?
Fenring: Here's a thought: shut up and go back into your hole.

In other words, no, he isn't.
Minimi: are u dcoder? he cant speak self, he dont need you a*s hole, by the way, who are u? a other nooooooob?
Whiteboy: No, he isn't. He's Fenring and he owns your a$$ by default. BY DEFAULT

Comment: I own by default. w00t :p

#84 (Image) [ Down (-5) Up ] [Submitter: Fenring]

AlliedG: hows mod
Fenring: Which one? :p
AlliedG: lol the good one :p
Fenring: Which good one? :p
AlliedG: lol
AlliedG: yr ones
Fenring: My mods are good... they say hello. :p
AlliedG: lol

Comment: My mods do speak to me... It's crazy I tell you.

#85 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: QuantumHybrid]

* FileServ has quit IRC ([alpha.ircnexus.net] Local kill by QuantumHybrid (pwnt))
<QuantumHybrid> personaly, msn < irc
<saberhawk> .music send 003
<saberhawk> Yeah, totally dead. :P

#87 (Image) [ Down (10) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: grrr... I should get a "Do not FUCKING touch the firefox nightlies" carved into my monitor case >_<
DCoder -: maybe taht would teach me something
DCoder -: once again, curiosity killed DCoder's bookmarks, cookies, cache and firefox profile
Renegade: "Ultra Kill"

Comment: pwnt :(

#88 (Image) [ Down (6) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

Renegade: 2 1/2 for files
1 for dl
1 1/2 for downloads
Renegade: this simple question divides people
ComradeJ: It's not as it really matters that much. I mean, you spend lots of time on a site called "DeeZire.net". Sounds like a pr0n site name to me

Comment: On naming the RenProj download subdomain

#89 (Image) [ Down (-10) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

pd, in a news post for his site:

First of all, I got several e-Mails which sayed that "The First Decade" wouldn't be patched.
So here my answer to all of them:

The patch is not usable on The First Decade yet!.

#90 (Image) [ Down (-3) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

zero: umm....hate no nudge, but i think soviet infrantry .gifs didn't work. at least my computer is... :(
Hopalongtom: I have a computer that can't see any online GIFs I reccomned getting a better computer.

Comment: It's a good thing Tom doesn't work in a computer repair centre...

#91 (Image) [ Down (-7) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: your dumbassed archiver doesnt read directories?
Whiteboy: looks like I need to update, eh?
<time passes>
Whiteboy: wow, so there has been an update to powerarchiver since 2004.
DCoder -: ...
Whiteboy: w00t for non-automatic updates

Comment: Whiteboy trying to grasp the installation of PHP-Fusion

#92 (Image) [ Down (-13) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

Roman: you using php or html?
Whiteboy: php
Roman: oh i know little bit html, do u know a good sites where i can learn php?
Whiteboy: hmm, i don't... google it
Whiteboy: I am learning slowly with DCoder
Roman: it's a person or software?

Comment: Discussing my new site... // DCoder says: rofl

#93 (Image) [ Down (15) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Turn-A Gamer: Most MySpace pages look like the Internet ejaculated on it.

Comment: http://www.cannis.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=7317

#94 (Image) [ Down (-25) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: wow, his post on the WR thread is awful.
Whiteboy: I even feel obliged to edit it for better grammar and spelling... but to do that I first need to know what the hell he's talking about.

Comment: 2005 Jul 5

#95 (Image) [ Down (18) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

FK47: thats what they call the dominatrix, blackjack
FK47: hes black you see
FK47: the king of gay love
FK47: sorry im an idot
FK47: idot.
FK47: excellent.

Comment: Discussing how the educational system is like a pile of gay love, with blackjack.

#96 (Image) [ Down (-11) Up ] [Submitter: Fenring]

Universal/Yotta: Oh yea and if you keep on bringing up that Haydn voxel issue ure just an idiot like the rest of those people because there was no readme file attached to that eurofighter voxel etc...

Fenring: Uh, no, we're not idiots. You clearly did not make it. A lack of a readme is no justification for STEALING A FUCKING VOXEL and then having the audacity to pass it off as your own!

[I thought this was priceless so I'm posting it here for everyone to see!]

Comment: When you thought n00bs couldn't get any stupider, they do.

#97 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: stordoff]

CannisRabidus: An Admin's post is always on topic, by definition

#98 (Image) [ Down (13) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Jason : yesterday I was coding a modular login system, and im like "screw this, this will take forever." and deleted 2000+ lines of code lmao
DCoder: lol
Jason : I guess i need some patience :P
Jason : Can I download patience?
Jason : because that would own

Comment: Jason == QuantumHybrid from C-GEN.

#99 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

DCoder: meh
DCoder: the day EALA's cnc is as good as Westwood's, I'll start learning ballet
Whiteboy: xD

Comment: On C&C3...

#100 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Renegade: I think the standard (grey) pavement on urban maps is actually grass.
Renegade: A little stony, but still grass.

Comment: Westwood logic, yeah baby.

#101 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ]

Grothenolm: Make an SHP-voxel with bitmaps!

#102 (Image) [ Down (-14) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: I can't recommend Red Dwarf enough
Whiteboy: neither do I...
Whiteboy: erm, wrong window.

Comment: Multiple personalities ? o_O

#103 (Image) [ Down (6) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: oh great... TibEd lovers in Lithuania, that's got to be the first time
Renegade: it also lowers you country's score significantly.
Renegade: Germany: Renegade, pd, Reaperrr, Matze
Renegade: Lithuania: DCoder, TibEd-lovers
DCoder -: oooh, now that's just mean
Renegade: look at it this way:
Renegade: if you wipe out the TibEd-crowd, 100% of your country's modding community is l33t.

Comment: I am unique, after all, not just another brick in the wall :D

#104 (Image) [ Down (-15) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Jason : im on my 6th Vault (some kind of coke-citris drink that makes me hyper)
DCoder: hyper crazy monkey
Jason : like you? :P
DCoder: Im not hyper
Jason : lol
DCoder: Im phlegmatic
DCoder: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?r=2&q=phlegmatic
Jason : lol
Jason : oppisate
Jason : opposate
Jason : oppasite
Jason : blah
DCoder: hahahahaha

Comment: Jason's hyperactive :p

#105 (Image) [ Down (-7) Up ] [Submitter: Jason]

Jason says: I want to add options!
Jason says: I'm even going to add a slang lang file
DCoder says: lmao
Jason says: like for "Welcome to Omicron Fusion" it will show "Yo, Yo, Yo, Youz at Ma SITE!"
DCoder: +1 gangsta , -100 professional

Comment: Talking about a php script of mine.

#106 (Image) [ Down (-15) Up ] [Submitter: Jason]

Jason says: I need to build it its own building
Jason says: with utmost securty
Jason says: underground
Jason says: nuke and missile proof
Jason says: etc
DCoder says: $ mv Jason /dev/asylum && chmod Jason 000
Jason says: you think thats going overboard?

Comment: Talking about my server's security

#110 (Image) [ Down (-2) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

[19:30] <*Renegade> an ETA of four mins for bob
[19:34] BobingAbout joins

Comment: Ren's psychic? Or is this just a deja vu? You be the judge...

#111 (Image) [ Down (-3) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

DCoder: re your table: I see you have three borders on every single cell, why is that?
Renegade: huh?
Renegade: the hell are you talking about?
Renegade: ooooh, you're digging in my code again
DCoder: Help:Editing, table in ==Images==
DCoder: |style="border-bottom: 1px solid #aaaaaa;border-right: 1px solid #aaaaaa;"|<nowiki>[[Image:Image.ext]]</nowiki>
DCoder: |style="border-bottom: 1px solid #aaaaaa;border-left: 1px solid #aaaaaa;"|includes an image into the page
DCoder: |-
DCoder: |style="border-bottom: 1px solid #aaaaaa;border-right: 1px solid #aaaaaa;border-top: 1px solid #aaaaaa;"|<nowiki>[[Media:File.ext]]</nowiki>
DCoder: wtf is that styling for?
Renegade: simple: copy-pastable
DCoder: ...
Renegade: the outter border is dashed, so you can't just define the cell solid
Renegade: by leaving out the top border, you can copy-paste the cell over and over, because, if it's at the top, no harm is done, and if it isn't, the bottom of the above cell closes it
DCoder: lets just agree not to peek at each other's code anymore...

Comment: #RenProj on irc.gamernet.org

#112 (Image) [ Down (8) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<DCoder> DCoder: fuck this, get some sleep before coding
<DCoder> Jason : how
<Renegade> As a person 90% awake at 7:26 AM with no sleep, I don't quite see how that is funny
<DCoder> "get some sleep" "how"
<DCoder> btw, you really should go to sleep already
<Renegade> I'm sitting here and I don't know if I'll be able to fall asleep if I go to bed..."how" is a damn good question!

Comment: 08:27 in my time, 07:27 in Ren's time, and he hasn't slept yet...

#113 (Image) [ Down (19) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Renegade> the average air temperature outside this building does not meet my personal preferences
<Renegade> iow: It's too fucking warm for my taste
<DCoder> ironically, theres a nice cool drizzle outside my window
<Renegade> you got chicks, you got weather, you got skillz, you got a place in uni...I think I need you life
<DCoder> :p
<Renegade> If a dark-clothed nerd with a BFG follows you anytime soon...don't think about it

#114 (Image) [ Down (-8) Up ] [Submitter: Droke]

Droke: Hmmm
Droke: If you are what you eat, then are you eating yourself?

#115 (Image) [ Down (-16) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: >_>
Whiteboy: i laughed, but it felt evil.
Whiteboy: still, quoted
Whiteboy: erm, i can't be bothered to quote it. you do it :P

Comment: Stay tuned, Whiteboy will quote the real thing soon enough. I think.

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