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#387 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: DonutArnold]

<Carnotaurus> I want C&C3 on my DS so bad..Kane's Wrath on the C&C95 engine. Fuck the fancy graphics
<Carnotaurus> all I want are C&C3 units as C&C1 sprites, touch screen sidebar, all the vos and music, oh, and....no campaign
<Carnotaurus> just skirmish or online
<Carnotaurus> Kane's Wrath 95 on wifi...
<Carnotaurus> ah what a dream
<DonutArnold> haha
<Carnotaurus> though the fucking Redeemer will probably take up the screen
<Carnotaurus> with is faggotry
=-= Carnotaurus was booted from #renproj by Diablo (Pass bitte auf was du sagst!)
-->| Carnotaurus has joined #renproj
<Carnotaurus> blow me, Diablow
<DonutArnold> xD
<Carnotaurus> I hate that fucking bot

Comment: more rofling @renproj

#388 (Image) [ Down (-13) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

* Cloud_ax sleeps with aja.... i mean what? >.>
<livelovelaugh> o.o
<heyaja> o.o
<Cloud_ax> o.o
* livelovelaugh smacks Cloud
<Cloud_ax> ah my face
<livelovelaugh> Did you ask her first?!

#389 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

*** Quits: Electro (Excess Flood)
*** Joins: Electro (Electro@gamer-5DCFA5C9.europronet.ba)
<Electro> wtf happened
<Electro> is 697 lines a lot for the server?

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - bawooosh

#390 (Image) [ Down (0) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<Manderz> WOOO
<Manderz> OH GOD
<Manderz> I'm so happy Chels isn't online
<Manderz> because John Travolta and Oliva Newton John are singing on the radio
<Manderz> that's just be like Chels to appear out of no where..
<Chelsey> ahem. I've been here the whole time.
<Manderz> oh god

#391 (Image) [ Down (17) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<hopefulsemblance> lonelygod hardly sounds like a god
<hopefulsemblance> more like an elf

#392 (Image) [ Down (-2) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<DoctorDestiny> And why do people say nerved when they mean nerfed? Who the fuck taught these people?
<DCoder> westwood?
<DoctorDestiny> The Westwood School of Grammar. Come learn things the wrong way!
<DoctorDestiny> -_-
<DCoder> exactly
<DoctorDestiny> And we offer programming courses! Learn how to confuse the shit out of anyone trying to read your game code!
<DCoder> Without crashing the game in the process!
<DoctorDestiny> We also offer spaghetti code courses for advanced users.
<DoctorDestiny> Oh. Is not crashing a requisite for getting a degree from the Westwood School of Bad Programming?
<DCoder> at least on default settings, yes
<DCoder> if your game has moddability that crashes everytime but isnt used in the default config, you get BONUS POINTS
<DoctorDestiny> Then why can I crash unmodded RA2 and unmodded YR? :p
<DCoder> cause westwood didn't get BONUS POINTS

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - Westwood School of Grammar

#393 (Image) [ Down (10) Up ] [Submitter: Electro]

<DCoder> damn
<DCoder> the most reasonable comment in the whole file, and it's unsigned
<DCoder> "38=XCOMET ; Not real unit. Weapons have to belong to a unit to be used for things like airburst and Shrapnel. Not my hack."

Comment: irc.gamernet.org #renproj - Westwood has exhibited sane behaviour!!!

#394 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<TheTraveler> call me an ass
<TheTraveler> call me a prick
<TheTraveler> but dont call me TJ marsh

#395 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<EvilRenegade> .0130. FANS: What is a type of red sauce ?
<EvilRenegade> 1st Hint: ************ Question Value : 200 Points
<ApotheosisAZ> oh hell no
<JenniPowell> apotheosisaz
<EvilRenegade> YES, JenniPowell got the answer -> apotheosisaz <- in 10.932 seconds, and gets 200 points
<EvilRenegade> JenniPowell has won 5 in a row! Total Points TODAY: 1275 this WEEK: 1275 & this MONTH: 1275
* ApotheosisAZ has left #lg15roxbury
<Renegade15> XD
<JenniPowell> trivia ragequit?

#396 (Image) [ Down (-15) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

* heyaja makes a box out of science and puts chelsey in it
<Chelsey> oooh
<Chelsey> Science is fun.
<heyaja> Science IS fun!
* Evergreen proves science wrong and watches the box disintegrate

#397 (Image) [ Down (-3) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<Renegade15> aja: ONJOIN if nickname = hammy OR hostmask = *!*@unaffiliated/hammy then kick $user
<Renegade15> at least in concept
<heyaja> yep, that's the jist of what I have
<BrightSilence> lol
<Traveler7> RAWR!
<Renegade15> DAMN
<Chelsey> hammy?
<stonedog67workin> lol
<Traveler7> nooo
* Traveler7 is now known as HAMmy

#398 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: ChielScape]

---CONVO 1: ChielScape & SirModsalot---
ChielScape - boobs ALWAYS take priority! says:
ChielScape - boobs ALWAYS take priority! says:
Ṧįғ Ḿởđşǻłǿŧ says:

--==2 minutes later==--

---CONVO 2: ChielScape & Von Kriplespac---
Von Kriplespac says:
Von Kriplespac says:
Ur doin it wrong
ChielScape - boobs ALWAYS take priority! says:


#400 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: ORCACommander]

Comment: Just another Day in #renproj IRC Math Class

#401 (Image) [ Down (-1) Up ] [Submitter: ORCACommander]

<%gordon-creAtive> wtf is going on with the internet? Sourceforge seerch server down, archive.org server down, schutzstation-wattenmee.de down…
<*Renegade> maybe your internet is down?
<%gordon-creAtive> Halp! I deleted my internet!
<*Renegade> xD
<%gordon-creAtive> No, the error messages came from the pages itself, no FF errors
<*Renegade> then maybe you're wearing the wrong shoes.
<%gordon-creAtive> That's it!
<ORCACommander> lol

Comment: hmm maybe try wearing the fuzzy ones?

#402 (Image) [ Down (-3) Up ] [Submitter: pd]

Joshy says:
now to see
Joshy says:
on 2 devices now XD
Joshy says:
and neither = speakers
pd says:
how are they called?
Joshy says:
one sec
Joshy says:
I feel the sudden need to vacume my room
pd says:
what the hell

Comment: I mean... WHAT IN THE HELL?

#403 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ] [Submitter: ORCACommander]

DCoder: And people tell me I'm wrong when I say the world is getting dumber.

Comment: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18977

#404 (Image) [ Down (-25) Up ] [Submitter: ORCACommander]

<*Renegade> I just added you to the hostee forum group
<*Renegade> now you should be able to see The Basement, and the hostee information thread in it
<The_4SG> sounds like a shady place to go if you ask me :P
<!DCoder> haha
<!DCoder> depends on how much british tv you've seen recently
<The_4SG> depends on how much is considered alot :P

Comment: The Renegade Projects Basement, Few return alive

#405 (Image) [ Down (16) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Smartass> Male homosexuality and transgender are sin according to the bible, I don't remember girl on girl being mentioned in the bible
<Smartass> which means God is just as big of a pervert as the est of us

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - revelations (Smartass is Carno)

#406 (Image) [ Down (-10) Up ] [Submitter: Fenring]

<DCoder> In the LAN tracker I use...
<DCoder> Ungodly amount of uploaders have uploaded lesbian porn, one guy uploaded a gay porno flick, and one uploaded a zoo clip. One of the uploaders got banned for his contribution. Which one you imagine it was?
<DoctorDestiny> gay.
<DCoder> yep
<DoctorDestiny> Fail.
<DCoder> how'd you guess?
<DoctorDestiny> Nobody gives a shit about zoo porn but gay? STOP THE INTERNET! TWO MEN! RUUUUUUUUUN
<DCoder> haha
<DCoder> so true

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - porn trackers

#407 (Image) [ Down (-4) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<DrunkenGade> it's funny though
<DrunkenGade> they horribly fail at kidnapping salinas
<DrunkenGade> but they get carl between episodes
<caravelle> carl is stupid keep in mind
<DrunkenGade> salinas isn't too bright, either
* BrightSilence isn't too salinas either

#408 (Image) [ Down (9) Up ] [Submitter: ORCACommander]

{ORCACommander troubleshooting an Internal Error}
[19:01] <ORCACommander> hmm IE's after 50% of this maps loads
[19:06] <DCoder> send me your except
<DCoder> some action in your map starts with text that cannot be interpreted as a number
[19:20] <ORCACommander> I delted them and now it works
[19:20] <DCoder> problem solved
[19:20] <DCoder> :p
<DCoder> compare this error solving method with the one we used in 2004 or so...
<DoctorDestiny> So what error solving method was that? Take a wild ass guess and hope for the best? XD
<DCoder> that, plus combing through everything looking for wtfs manually
<DCoder> weren't those the fun days :p
<ORCACommander> i head you used sacrifice a 20 bulls and a virgin to find out what the error was
<ORCACommander> :P
<DCoder> hah
<DCoder> during full moon, no less
<ORCACommander> and when that failed there was always the ouija board
<DCoder> and tea leaves

Comment: Voodoo room #renproj where modders gather for Black Masses // edited for timestamps -- DC

#409 (Image) [ Down (-17) Up ] [Submitter: Fenring]

<Palkia323> Palkia323 here, i have started a new RA2/YR 1.001 mod that is titled Dark Reconnaissance. It will feature new teams (names) and many new units. It will be somewhere close to 3000 A.D. Although i have alot of ideas i want to hear what the people want. please give me your ideas.
<Dark Shadow 750> nuke-shooting camel-riding monkey-cowboys ~ thank you Jeeves
<Biohazard> storyline? unit ideas?
<IcySon55> Give up.

Comment: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19158

#410 (Image) [ Down (12) Up ] [Submitter: DonutArnold]

<ORCACommander> umm download is mising
<Hello There> Hello. Where can I download it?
<IcySon55> Are you a parrot? You keep saying hello...want a cracker?

Comment: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6864

#411 (Image) [ Down (-1) Up ] [Submitter: DonutArnold]

<Hello There> It's one of the greatest voxel I've seen.
<OmegaBolt> I guess this is the first you've ever seen too.

Comment: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19151

#412 (Image) [ Down (-1) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Carno> I have RA3 concept art in my porn folder

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - no accounting for taste...

#414 (Image) [ Down (2) Up ]

<silentdre> "the official petition for colored profiles on facebook"
<silentdre> facebook is segregated?

#415 (Image) [ Down (-12) Up ] [Submitter: DonutArnold]

<IcySon55> This kind of crap should be against the rules...
<Hello There> Hello. I like it. But the fire is too big. Forest Fires might occur.
<IcySon55> HELLO << This should be against the rules.
<Hello There> Hello. What do you mean "against the rules"?
<IcySon55> You did it again... You sound like an idiot saying "Hello" every single damn post you make... :S
<Aro> Hello Icy, do you come here often?
<SuperMario949> I Think That gufu Was Right About Laughing At You Icyson55 If you Are Angry About My Name Then Just Say so.
<SuperMario949>You have desapointed Me about Being Good :( :( :( :(

Comment: where does these idiots come from? http://dc.strategy-x.com/lol/Flame%20Desolater.png

#416 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Carno> God made dinosaurs, now, study for your internet acronym test.
<Carno> Fucking dicks man. Whats wrong with people. A goddamn internet phrase test
<Carno> I'll take it. Shit. May make me get into college.
<Carno> go to Yale for knowing 'Lol'

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - http://idle.slashdot.org/comments.pl?no_d2=1&sid=596387&cid=23960255

#418 (Image) [ Down (-22) Up ] [Submitter: Electro]

<Nod_Trooper> The man working on the mods, yes, go to the peoples that worked on Dusk and Rise of Omnius and ask them how they did it!
<Nod_Trooper> They got those mods which be needing the FS inis to be playing game correctly.
<Nod_Trooper> So why not be asking them how they being doing it!

<DCoder> Me being finding this stupiding ideaing reallying retarding!
<DCoder> What being actualing meaning of your ideaing?
<DCoder> And what thating havening to doing with ETSing, which being a patching, not a modding?
<DCoder> You explaining your suggestioning not welling.
<DCoder> Refining your probleming pleasing.

<DCoder> Oww, I think my brain stopped.

Comment: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=233447 - Gerunds!

#419 (Image) [ Down (17) Up ] [Submitter: zzattack]

<Carno> shut up.
* zz`off is now known as niggeria
<Nyerguds> lol
<Nyerguds> niggeria: wtf man?
* Nyerguds was kicked by Diablo (Watch your language!)
* Joins: Nyerguds (~nyerguds@gamer-B2A8DE91.access.telenet.be)
<Nyerguds> ROFL!!!
<niggeria> owned
<Nyerguds> worth it
Carno is now known as Nigger
<Nyerguds> LOOOOL
<Nigger> AH HA!

Comment: n1ggk4 b4sh1ng ???

#420 (Image) [ Down (11) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Carno_Away> im too stupid to run infront of a roller coaster. :P
<Carno_Away> *smart
<Carno_Away> fuck

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - oops

#421 (Image) [ Down (0) Up ] [Submitter: Nyerguds]

<DoctorDestiny> Time to get IE7 Pro on my laptop.
<DCoder> lol
<DoctorDestiny> It rules.
<DonutArnold> What does it have so "pro"?
<DCoder> propellers
<DCoder> distracting you from noticing the rest is crap
<DonutArnold> lol
<DonutArnold> xD
<DoctorDestiny> Oh quiet.

Comment: I'm "Pro" microsoft now :p

#422 (Image) [ Down (13) Up ] [Submitter: Fenring]

<Carno_Away> Fen, on /420/'s lit , I found a counter-terrorism field manual. XD
<Carno_Away> and yes I downloaded that shit
<FBI> We know.
<Carno_Away> Hi Gman
<Carno_Away> ASL
<FBI> 13/f/florida
<Carno_Away> too old
<Carno_Away> gtfo

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - the FBI...

#423 (Image) [ Down (-4) Up ] [Submitter: Electro]

<DCoder> fen's file transfer for some reason triggered "Hi, would you like to use Sharing Folders?" crap
<DCoder> which consequently locked up my machine, dropped my internet connection, and made all the hard drives invisible to windows
<DCoder> and therefore msn is now officially firewood

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - Last of the four evils of Microsoft

#425 (Image) [ Down (-6) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<HAMmy> its all over mah shirt and mah paint and mah pillow
<HAMmy> and mah keyboard
<HAMmy> umm
<HAMmy> probably on my face but i havent found a mirror yet

Comment: Talking about.................................paint ;)

#426 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<Kittah-Khan> HOLY FUCK
<Kittah-Khan> something worked on the first try something very complicated
<Kittah-Khan> that's some bad juju
<Kittah-Khan> shit's not supposed to go "hi there, I work"

Comment: MSN - bad mojo

#429 (Image) [ Down (16) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<Renegade15> sounds like it has file-based sharing permissions
<Chelsey> less nerd, more english

#430 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<ThaBeave> We have a high contigent of DU guys here though so a lot of guns would come into play if someone tried something
<JazmynGrey> DU?
<ThaBeave> Ducks Unlimited
<JazmynGrey> Ah
<ThaBeave> ie. If it moves, we shoot
<JazmynGrey> what if its wearing an orange safety vest?
<NinjaBatMan> lol
<ThaBeave> You're just a really smart deer/duck

#431 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder: hmm
DCoder: I think I just found a nice way to abuse YR
Kittah-Khan: ...
Kittah-Khan: don't abuse the handicapped

Comment: *rimshot*

#432 (Image) [ Down (0) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<Dejajeva> There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters.
<Dejajeva> That's my new favorite quote.

#433 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

*** Joins: Nighthawk (~Nighthawk@ED70C231.DD5AA26E.1F9D6157.IP)
<DCoder> hey
<Nighthawk> Hello.
<Electro> hey
<Kiith-Sa> hi
<Nighthawk> Hello.
<Electro> no, nighthawk is not an automaton
<Nighthawk> Hello.
<Nighthawk> Hehe, sorry, couldn't resist.

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - automatons

#434 (Image) [ Down (6) Up ] [Submitter: Fenring]

<DoctorDestiny> That's why my VS2008 PHP IDE comes in HANDY AS SHIT. :p
<DCoder> theoretical question, when does shit come in handy?
<DoctorDestiny> Never, considering I was using a figure of speech.
<DCoder> gee, if only I were too stupid too know that :p
<DoctorDestiny> We know you is D. :p
<DCoder> smooth :p
<DoctorDestiny> Yep.
<DoctorDestiny> I know.
<DoctorDestiny> Smooth like concrete.
<Electro> concrete is smooth?
<DoctorDestiny> ...
<DoctorDestiny> And in comes Electro to kill joke.

Comment: irc.gamernet.org#renproj - Electro the joke killer...

#435 (Image) [ Down (0) Up ] [Submitter: ORCACommander]

Ah, a drama whore throwing a tantrum. I knew the putrid stench of dipshitism was in the air for a reason.

Comment: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=240823

#436 (Image) [ Down (0) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

<stephen1341> whenever i start ra2yr and click on skirmish it gives me the ie.
<stephen1341> when i remove the map it works fine.
<stephen1341> if you could download the map and look at it with final alert 2 yuri's revenge
<stephen1341> and diagnose the problem i would b thankful
<Vinifera7> Based on your "detailed" report I have come to the following conclusion:
<Vinifera7> The map is causing problems. Remove it.

Comment: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19812

#437 (Image) [ Down (-6) Up ] [Submitter: Judeau]

Comment: Slap dat ho

#438 (Image) [ Down (0) Up ] [Submitter: DonutArnold]

<Electro> forgive me, chiel
<Chiselscape> Chiel?
* Electro bashes Chiselscape's cranium repeatedly
<Electro> *chisel?
=-= Chiselscape is now known as DonutArnold
<Electro> OH
<Electro> FUCK
<Electro> ACK
<Electro> ACK
<Electro> ACK
<DonutArnold> xD
<DonutArnold> ROFL
<Electro> you confused me
* Electro runs around in circles
<Electro> mental note: /whois everyone in the channel everytime you connect

Comment: #renproj - just driving Electro nuts

#439 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<DCoder> btw, saber, you might want to apply some stealth, cause Electro was moaning just yesterday how he needs your help with his animation format
* Saberhawk is now known as NotSaberhawk

#440 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: Nyerguds]

<Pepe> when ra3 is released, and the sdk, someone should add Kane in the game shomehow in someway
<Nyerguds> NO >:(
<Pepe> could you expand on that please?
<Nyerguds> okay...
<Nyerguds> HELL NO >:(

Comment: from MSN

#441 (Image) [ Down (-11) Up ] [Submitter: Blu]

Doctor Destiny: F
Blu: L
Doctor Destiny: A
Doctor Destiny: I
Doctor Destiny: L
Doctor Destiny: FUCK
Blu: :D
Doctor Destiny: Asshat.

Comment: On Windows Live.

#442 (Image) [ Down (3) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

* Diablo has kicked Blu from #RenProj (Turn Caps-Lock off!)

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