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#1 (Image) [ Down (12) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

Renegade: wait a second...
[...ten minutes later...]
DCoder -: *starts reading "How to wait - the scientific way" *

#2 (Image) [ Down (-21) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

Renegade: btw: http://qdb.renegadeprojects.com/
Bobing About: :P
Bobing About: i've got to quote that somewhere :P
Bobing About: i don't want to insult, but, what the hell is this link you gave me?

#3 (Image) [ Down (36) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

I dunno what's funnier...you starting a 60 GB-download on a 56k-line, or the fact that you can't even save all of it...

#4 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Renegade - Royally 0wn3d the Christians.: wtf?! No co-op in Commandos 3?
Renegade - Royally 0wn3d the Christians.: *moves from "buy" to "warez" list*

#5 (Image) [ Down (-10) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

Renegade: Quote: "DCoder has done this too: he included "The Atheist" in his sig as some kind of cool awarded title. Immature." Unquote.
DCoder -: bwahahaha

#6 (Image) [ Down (-18) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Renegade: nah, they're Christians. They're not hard to counter anyway.

#8 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Renegade: wtf...ModEnc...I'm logged in on the Main Page and Community Portal, but not on Current Events
Renegade: ROFLMAO
Renegade: I clicked on "Random Page" for a test
Renegade: It sent me to RTFM
Renegade: I think my wiki wants to tell me something

[two minutes later]

DCoder -: erm
DCoder -: what does that red "!" mean ?
Renegade: where?
DCoder -: everything in"recent changes"
Renegade: oh, that
Renegade: good question
Renegade: now I know why it told me to RTFM

#9 (Image) [ Down (-26) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

BobingAbout: Isn't Cannis an admin of Cannis.net

#10 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

BobingAbout: i've never payed with missiles, although there once was an idea to...

#11 (Image) [ Down (-2) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

<tate> whiteboy your weard and i don't like your mod

#12 (Image) [ Down (-7) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

Renegade: heh
Renegade: just had a great idea
Renegade: why rely on CVS at all? it's just for publishing reasons anyway, in my case...
Renegade: I'll try if I can set up a cron job to ftp to destructionmod.com and upload the latest INIs for me
DCoder -: o_O
what are you trying to achieve? TD BETA INIs UNSTABLE NIGHTLY BUILD or what?
Renegade: ROFLMAO ...yeah, kinda

#13 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

CannisRabidus: Oh look, he has negative credits again.

Comment: after reducing some n00b's credit-count:

#14 (Image) [ Down (-9) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Renegade: "And, you know, yesterday I was loling through this corridor, rofling this dude some 9mm bullets, only to see him lmaoing the bullets and headshotting me easily...stupid fagg0t."
DCoder -: lol
Renegade: as you can see, lol is a verb

#15 (Image) [ Down (-8) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

DCoder -: I told Bansh this is wrong...
DCoder -: he said "Oops :S"
DCoder -: which, incidentally, is what Banshees in TS say when you shoot them down
Renegade: rofl
Renegade: dude...that was the lock to the geek cage, and it trapped you forever

#17 (Image) [ Down (28) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: re: My computer in start menu:
Desktop Properties, Desktop, Customize... check check uncheck uncheck, voila
Renegade: sounds like a bad rap
Renegade: check check
uncheck uncheck
Renegade: yo yo
Renegade: XP rap, yo
Renegade: B to the S to the O to the D
crashing down your system
taking linux with me

#19 (Image) [ Down (-5) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

CannisRabidus: I don't expect a hammer to function as a decent microwave oven either.

#20 (Image) [ Down (-4) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Renegade: *Oh the decisions...learn PHP/MySQL, learn C++...do nothing
Renegade: *sigh*
Renegade: I need a wife or something...or a program that decides for me

#21 (Image) [ Down (11) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Joeking14 : where does it say that?
DCoder : hidden forum :P
Joeking14: which one and how did you find it
DCoder : *sigh*
Joeking14: wierd name

#22 (Image) [ Down (-10) Up ] [Submitter: Renegade]

CannisRabidus: If you are truly a n00b, we will reflexively hate you and try to kill you.

#23 (Image) [ Down (27) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

you know you have been working too hard when someone asks you
"What does `siblings` mean?"
and the first thing that comes to your mind is the W3C definition
"sibling -- Two nodes are siblings if and only if they have the same parent node." :(

#24 (Image) [ Down (9) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder: ooooh, "Mastering Regular Expressions.pdf", 6 MB, 768 pages... sweet
Renegade: 768 pages...pretty much explains why regexp are not used by most end users

#25 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: AlliedGeneral]

AlliedGeneral: u know even though i hate ww ai
AlliedGeneral: its kinda cute
AlliedGeneral: in an prehistoric kinda way

#26 (Image) [ Down (19) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: yeah right. Like you "need to know" everything in teh entire community. Like you really care about ALL of it.
DCoder- : no, I only care about the pre-Gen part of it :P
Whiteboy: :D :D :D
Whiteboy: I barely even know that part!
Whiteboy: oh, you mean Generals
Whiteboy: damn
Whiteboy: I though you meant C-GEN!!!
DCoder- : quoted
Whiteboy: aww feck

#27 (Image) [ Down (-6) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Hybrid: Every time they asked why i don't worship a god i told them, How can i worship myself? :P

#28 (Image) [ Down (0) Up ] [Submitter: Prime]

Prime: Yknow, my obsession with Prerelease shit is like my obsession with porn. I cannot live without them, no matter how hard I try.

#29 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder: "mastermind is tougher than a Rhino"
UNKeeper: "no, it [mastermind] has the same armor as the Rhino - heavy"

Comment: ( http://forums.cncden.com/showthread.php?p=208635#post208447 )

#30 (Image) [ Down (9) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: you have any fond memories of old games?
DCoder -: old games, hmmm
DCoder -: Supaplex
Whiteboy: whoa, a game i haven;t heard of
Whiteboy: how frightning

#31 (Image) [ Down (8) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Mark -: l44t, got a better weapon!
DCoder: l44t? wtf, your leetspeek module got hacked? :P
Mark -: Nope. I figure l44t > l33t > l22t > l11t :P

#32 (Image) [ Down (11) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

Whiteboy: I am going to add new gates into the mod soon
Whiteboy: good ones
wthigon : wtf are gates
Whiteboy: ...
wthigon : oh nvm
Whiteboy: LOL
wthigon : i call it bar thingy thats why

#33 (Image) [ Down (-1) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Whiteboy: hey, why do you suppose <PROTECTED IDENTITY> hides his identity?
Whiteboy: and is so secretive about his whole life?
DCoder -: how exactly does he "hide" his identity?
Whiteboy: things like having a dynamic ISP

#34 (Image) [ Down (6) Up ] [Submitter: AlliedGeneral]

JT/AG/BX says: Prerelease style is overused
Speeder - Peace through power! says: Standard YR style is also overused, you know

#35 (Image) [ Down (-8) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Chronojam: If we're talking YR, EA is definitely Yuri. Mass-producing (cloning) expensive yet average-rate goods (Initiates) while taking over (mind control) others, moving resources and their programmers all over (slave miners! Poor Westwood) while treating the programmers not-always-nicely... and just plain tearing apart good things because they want something new (grinders!).

Comment: ( http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=90414#90414 )

#36 (Image) [ Down (6) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

(Discussing Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall)
Whiteboy: heh, I'm sure you and I are fairly unique anyway - not everyone are bricks ya know
Whiteboy: e.g. George Bush
DCoder -: lol
Whiteboy: he's not a brick, he's a prick
Whiteboy: or a dick
Whiteboy: and somewhat sick
DCoder -: bwahahaha
DCoder -: I am SOOOOO quuoting that

#37 (Image) [ Down (5) Up ] [Submitter: Bobing About]

Mr Graffitti: Mine its a TC, soon I will make a forum just for my mod here, with the storyline, pictures, information, blah blah.
Whiteboy: You mean a topic.
Mr Graffitti: Yeah i confuse those two words.

#38 (Image) [ Down (11) Up ] [Submitter: AlliedGeneral]

AlliedGeneral: Modding is like sex, lots of pressure with little or unforunate results :/

#39 (Image) [ Down (-14) Up ] [Submitter: Bobing About]

Bobing About: Everybody's dead Dave! Says: hi
Whiteboy : Ya
Whiteboy : HOLL!
Whiteboy : HOLLY!
Whiteboy : w00t
Whiteboy : *sings REd Dwarf theme*
Bobing About: Everybody's dead Dave! Says: aye
Whiteboy : u Scottish or English?
Whiteboy : (funny, my name is David)

#40 (Image) [ Down (4) Up ] [Submitter: Bobing About]

Bobing About says: lol
Whiteboy says: olo
Whiteboy says: ^^^ is it the reverse of lol, or is it male genitalia?

#41 (Image) [ Down (8) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder - : WTF
DCoder - : calling a guy's post about "I made a chroono monkey in TibEd" 'advanced n00bism' apparently means I'm about to get warned for bad behaviour...
DCoder - : http://forums.cncden.com/showthread.php?t=11596
Renegade : After some quite observation, I come to the scientific conclusion that Rolk is a brain-amputated retard, and not suitable as a moderator for a C&C editing forum
Renegade : quiet*, btw

Comment: Well what do you know, it actually got me banned xD

#42 (Image) [ Down (14) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

Aurelius V: Amazing... someone with a brain on the Internet. :|
DCoder :lol, that should get quoted
Aurelius V: bahahahahaha :P

#43 (Image) [ Down (-13) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

DCoder -: ok...
DCoder -: so what files does that unit you downloaded have?
Zameleon: yes i have unit
Zameleon: it haves
Zameleon: pictures
Zameleon: if
Zameleon: and other

#44 (Image) [ Down (-1) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

DCoder -: Oh I love my new auto-away-message:

If you are reading this, and I don't reply in a few minutes, either
a. I'm AFK at the moment, or
b. I think you are a n00b who is not worthy of talking to me.
Have a nice day.

DCoder -: one n00b told me to fuck off after he read it
Whiteboy: ROFL

#45 (Image) [ Down (31) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy [wrmodder]]

wthigon : i'm anti-assault maps
wrmodder: we can go against each other?
wthigon : ok
wrmodder: anti-assault?
wrmodder: :/
wrmodder: :
wthigon : :]
wrmodder: i used to be anti-TX
wrmodder: then i changed
wrmodder: you can change too :)
wthigon : i used to be anti-lesbian
wrmodder: :D
wrmodder: XD
wthigon : that quickly changed
wrmodder: LOL
wrmodder: this should be quoted
wthigon : @%#!
wthigon : no

Comment: In a YR game lobby...

#46 (Image) [ Down (-3) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

Whiteboy: Don't forget Mr. Grammarspammer, Mrs. Spellwright and Dr. Typewell

Comment: Reply on Deezire on punctuation

#47 (Image) [ Down (1) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

DCoder -: ARGH n00bs
<quotes a very n00bish PM he just received>

... time passes ...

DCoder -: now I wonder what should I reply to that n00b
Whiteboy: stfu n00b
DCoder -: I could just tell him "yeah, my msn is {insert Whiteboy's email address here} " and watch the fireworks.
or I could tell him "sure I do, its stfu@you.n00b".
or "wtf, ever seen the 'Profile' link under a post?".
or just play dead...
Whiteboy: ROFL

#48 (Image) [ Down (-9) Up ] [Submitter: DCoder]

CCCP Gosho: This mod is near completion. By near completion we mean that in a few months the alpha version of the mod might be ready.

Comment: ( http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9197 )

#50 (Image) [ Down (9) Up ] [Submitter: Saberhawk]

Whiteboy: You sound exactly like me. I loved writing up the documentation... sometimes I had massively long documents
Whiteboy: in fact, for WRV1.0, the "user manual" was 100+ pages and IMO was better than the actual mod.

#51 (Image) [ Down (7) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

DCoder -: I remember our school PCs...
Whiteboy: "Bad security" is what I remember
DCoder -: some smartass wrote a program that changed the wallpaper into an 800x600 photo of a dick every time someone logged on
DCoder -: *some smartass whistles innocently*
DCoder -: took the teachers a month to figure it out
DCoder -: fucking computer-illiterates
DCoder -: it was simply TOO easy to do something nasty
Whiteboy: ROFL

#53 (Image) [ Down (23) Up ] [Submitter: Whiteboy]

wthigon : your AI pwned me yesterday
Whiteboy: oh goody
Whiteboy: considering I have no AI

#55 (Image) [ Down (-6) Up ] [Submitter: AlliedGeneral]

AlliedGeneral: The website is also even harder to navigate around then before and I didn't even know that was possible.

Comment: (Talking about ProjectAlpha's updated website)

#56 (Image) [ Down (28) Up ] [Submitter: Bobing About]

DCoder: I am so glad I added yoshq to my Ignore List so I don't have to read his bullshit.

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